Tips on How to Capture the Best Food Photos

We usually get our phones out and snap the best photo of our food before we chow it down. This is a common sight, especially when we get to eat at fancy restaurants or specialty diners. These great photos of our foods go straight to our Instagram feeds or our stories with the hashtags #foodstagrams and #foodporn. But we usually spend a lot of time first before we eat as we are trying to have the best angle and lighting of it before we snap. Know how to capture the best food photos by trying out these tips.

  1. Have the best angle
    When capturing quality food photos, every angle should be considered. Even the slightest misalignments can render your photo unpleasing. When you get the right angle, you also get the best lighting for your photo. 
  2. Have the best plating for the dish
    Plating plays a very important role in the overall quality of the photo. After all, even the most disgusting food can look very appetizing when it has the right kind of plating. Wooden or ceramic white plates does the job well. But a colorful plate might be the perfect choice for salads.
  3. Props and positioning
    Aside from having the best plating for the dish, it is also best to place some props beside the dish itself. Good examples of props include salt shakers, well-positioned cutlery, and white table napkins. You should also position the plate and the props accurately, too. Then start to snap photos of your food.

Positioning the camera itself is very important when capturing food photos. The most preferred position in taking food photos is capturing a bird’s eye view. It will highlight the main ingredients of the dish. It also acts as an optical illusion to the viewer as if he is looking right at the sumptuous dish, making it look more appetizing. 

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