Eat and Exercise: Beneficial or Not

If you are one of those people who are skeptical about the benefits of eating a meal before doing morning exercises, you landed on the right page. Just read on to know more.

Who Made the Revelation

The American Psychological Society, thru its American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism publications, confirmed that eating a meal before doing a daily exercise is beneficial.

According to the doctors of the APS, if a person eats breakfast before exercising, the ability of the body to burn carbohydrates significantly increases.

The said study also revealed that engaging physical activities with a full stomach actually helps the body in digesting foods.

Dr. Javier Gonzalez, co-researcher, said that this study is a milestone that ultimately revealed the relationship of eating to one’s exercise routine.

He further shared that their study is comprehensive since it gathered data samples from ‘real’ people who skip and eat during their respective daily routine.

What REALLY Happens if you Eat and Then Exercise

This study gathered data from 12 physically fit people (as subjects). Doctors from APS instructed the subjects to take a typical breakfast. Dr. Gonzales said that the subjects ate porridge with milk. Two hours after taking their respective meals, the subjects joined in a bicycle race that lasted for one hour.

After the said routine, the doctors immediately get the participant’s blood sugar (glucose) level. Also, included in the collected information was the muscle protein called glycogen.

Dr. Gonzales stressed that the result of this study is very helpful to health-conscious people.

Especially so that researches in the past were only anchored on the effects of fasting before doing an exercise. However, he admitted that, still, there are lots of studies to be done to convince people on the gains of eating before carrying out a daily exercise routine. Indeed, it is very difficult to change local beliefs that have been engraved to people’s mind through decades.

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