5 Simple Exercises to Have a Healthier Body

We always want to live a longer life not only for ourselves but for our loved ones as well. But you cannot have a healthier body if you do not act. In other words, you need to do something so that your body will attain its optimum state.

These four routines are good starters for a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Daily Push-Up
    This is one of the basic physical activities that anybody could try at home. This routine covers almost all parts of your body. But if you want to have a firmer chest, you must increase the number of push-ups you do every day. 
  2. Squat Helps a Lot
    If you want to improve your breathing and develop your middle and lower built, you must include squat in your daily routine. The squat is a physical activity that compels your knees to use its maximum power to carry your weight. As you lower down the angle of the squat position, this will also increase the load (your weight) and will eventually result in firmer and stronger knee muscles.
  3. Bike Exercise
    If you want to develop your abs, then try the bicycle exercise now. This routine is very simple since you just have to act like you are riding a bicycle while lying on the floor. Based on studies, the bicycle drill is more potent in tightening your abs compared to sit-ups.
  4. Pull- Up is Effective
    If you want to develop the back portion of your body, then you must do pull-ups every day. The latissimus dorsi and rhomboids are the specific muscles that will be strengthened once you do pull-ups.
  5. Jog
    This may sound a no-brainer, but jogging daily helps a lot in keeping your stamina at peak. Unlike other routines, running a few kilometers daily does not need any materials. As long as you have your shoes and already plotted your route, you are good to go! 
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